A webcam is a camera that is connected to a computer via USB or other type of cable, or built into the hardware of the computer. The camera feeds the visual data to the computer where it can be saved and viewed, or streamed in real time to a computer network. The first webcam arrived on the scene in 1991, and reached commercial success in 1995 by which time it had been taken on board by the two major firms in information technology. Now, can be used to access details on that sought-after webcam manufacturer or webcam supplier.

Webcams are a milestone in computer technology because they are inexpensive and have a high resolution, meaning they have a considerable potential for expansion into education, medicine, security, commerce, and entertainment. Many also come with a built-in microphone, making them the ideal addition to any stand-alone PC. The wholesale webcam continues to be sold to businesses for the purposes of videoconferencing, bringing the idea of long distance video-communication to the domestic market, too. Personal use laptops now roll off the construction line installed with webcams along with other standard computer accessories and are responsible for live video and audio communication for millions via the internet.

The wholesale webcam trade is also moving into hospitals. Webcams can monitor a pulse rate and be mounted in operating rooms in order to demonstrate novel surgical techniques to medical students worldwide. In the surveillance industry, webcams are used extensively as security cameras to deter unauthorized entry. When continuous monitoring is not feasible or not required, the camera can be triggered by movement or sound, or triggered remotely. As for entertainment, the webcam provider is rapidly expanding into the lucrative gaming industry.

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