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Referring to components forming the physical structure of a computer, computer parts is one vast product category. This definition excludes the software programs and applications a computer requires to carry out specific tasks. Whilst all computers require certain computer parts which are often very similar, any wholesale computer supplier will know there are important differences between these items, especially in the case of desktop and laptop computers. For instance, in the case of the latter there are design compromises which have to be made in view of the essentially mobile nature of laptop computing.

All computers will require some form of motherboard and CPU (central processing unit) at the heart of the machine, as well as ROM and RAM memory capabilities for data manipulation and temporary data-storage, and also a hard drive for more-permanent storage. In addition, even a basic computing device will also require computer components such as video- and sound cards, plus a modem and network card for communication purposes, as well as cooling fans and heatsinks. Most computers still have a CD-ROM drive, or Blu-ray. All of these parts will need to be connected within a computer case. On top of these, the computer owner will require at least a keyboard for data entry, and also a mouse, touchpad or a touch-sensitive screen. Computer parts for more advanced needs can include card readers, more sophisticated cooling technology such as water cooling, macro keyboards, or fingerprint scanners.

Computers are multi-function devices so several associated categories will also contain relevant listings. Buyers can locate the necessary manufacturers to expand their product range or to simply ensure a steady supply of goods. Conducting business networking strengthens the relationships between all parties, which can lead to growth into other markets or new ventures.

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