USB Sticks

USB sticks are external digital data storage devices. Wholesale USB flash drives have replaced floppy disks as portable data storage because they are faster and have a considerably increased memory capacity. They are also more durable because they have no moving parts, are not subject to electromagnetic interference, and the surface cannot be scratched.

Most wholesale USB flash drives provided to retailers are sold as personal data storage. Their size allows them to be worn around the neck or attached to key chains and thus they are a convenient way to carry identification and medical data in case of an emergency. As security is always an issue with digital storage, USB sticks are useful because they can encrypt large amounts of data. Due to their speed and storage capacity, USB sticks are used commercially to update motherboards, boot operating systems, and install operating systems. Manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale USB sticks can use to ensure they’re found by their target audience.

USB sticks wholesale are now being used by value-added resellers as a turnkey solution. Transactions can be uploaded at the end of the day and transported offsite, or the transactions can be uploaded throughout the day. More recently, wholesale USB flash drives are being used as a standalone application carrier. Flash drive manufacturers can pre-install wholesale USB sticks with customized software. For instance, forensic and law enforcement units use online computer evidence extractor software on USB sticks to find and extract digital data from computers, which can then be uploaded to other storage devices. Audio data can be stored on USB sticks and used with portable media players. Artists began releasing music on USB sticks in 2000 and included the added bonus of music notations, lyrics, pictures, and videos.

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