In computing, networks are used to connect two or more workstations, personal or larger computers over a local or wide area - usually with other devices such as printers, email servers and backup storage. Connection can be via Ethernet cable, fibre optic cable, ADSL (or broadband) connection as well as local wireless connections. Satellite links are sometimes used in remote areas. Local area networks (LANs) are often implemented within the same building, whereas metropolitan or wide area networks or (WANs) cover larger areas. lists a broad range of network providers and service providers within the Networks category.

The networking term topology refers to how a network is organised, or its architecture. Computers on a network are called nodes, with connections via a networking bus to a central server that controls and allocates resources. The client’s computers can share hardware, software and information. A common format of transmitting data is TCP/IP, which is Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP); these methodologies use sets of rules to exchange, send or receive messages.

A network provider or supplier will be able to advise on specifications and compatibility, as well as installation, configuration and the security of integrated network systems. Wholesale computer network hardware products include routers, Ethernet cables, connectors and sockets as well as racks and patch panels for server installations; providers of all of these products can be located on

Contact details for router suppliers, media control systems and server provider and manufacturer companies are available on the online portal To locate a suitable network service provider quickly, or to boost the marketing of networking products and services, is the right place to get started. Buyers and sellers can search for networking solutions and reliable suppliers with whom they can develop successful business relationships.

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