Ethernet is perhaps the most essential part of networking, ensuring that those connected can access and communicate via the internet. Ethernet covers a family of networking components which form the standard for home and office internet connectivity. Local area networks are mostly handled by Ethernet cables, with the only widely adopted alternative being wireless internet. Owing to the valuable nature of the internet, businesses, homes and academic institutions are reliant upon a good internet connection or contact information to a reliable internet provider.

Networking parts for Ethernet wholesale solutions are available, from Ethernet cards to cables. The Ethernet cable is widely recognised by everyday users as the cable connecting a LAN port to a router, using the standard RJ45 connector. The standards of these cables has changed over the years, so an Ethernet manufacturer will often have a mixture of basic and premium cables that handle different speeds, depending on the needs of your customers.

Any given Ethernet service provider will have a mixture of packages. A typical Ethernet provider has a split in services for residential and business customers, with prices varying to suit each package. This is because residential users only need a single connection as standard, with an Ethernet router to spread the connection through the home, while business users need both an outside connection and an Ethernet solution for inter-office connectivity. It is possible to locate a reliable Ethernet service provider at with packages that can be marketed to various user types.

Ethernet manufacturer purchases are often bundled or marketed with network hardware, forming part of the same family of products. Routers and switches are a common next choice for buyers of Ethernet wholesale stock, being key to forming a complete network.

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