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Binding accessories can be considered as organisational tools, with a definition which encompasses more than just spines and glue to hold together the pages of a newly printed hardback or paperback book. Folders, box folders, binders, loop ring binders, poly binders and a plethora of other storage devices all require different types of binding accessories. These tools enable documents and paperwork to be stored together in appropriate categories, for example, with a wide selection of binding tool suppliers being found on

Busy offices with multiple departments generate an enormous amount of data. Company accounts, staff details, salary data, company purchases and sales, legal documents and presentations, all have to be organised. Indeed, the need for correctly labelled folders with individual client and customer account information indicates the importance of binding materials to the average working day.

Many companies use their own unique folders and box folders to develop and expand company brand. Made in the office using a range of binding supplies, folders can be produced in company colours bearing the company logo. Attending presentations or corporate functions with customised company folders looks impressive, and is a great way to promote one’s business.

Binding accessories are not just for company business. Many small specialist companies who provide calendars, diaries, photo-albums, personal and legal document folders and organisers for the retail sector, use binding supplies to produce these items, adding their own personal designs and styles.

Companies who produce off the shelf binders and folders have to source wire hangers, plastic spiral binding coils in varying lengths, binding rings and ring binder mechanisms, along with plastic binding combs, padding and screw posts, labels and lettering to produce their business’s range of files, folders and binders. A whole plethora of accessories, and companies who supply them, can be sourced on the website.

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