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Essential IT equipment that is found in nearly every office in the world, printers, fax machines and photocopiers all share certain technologies. They are all capable of handling paper, for instance, usually lifting it from an internal tray to the section of the device which will print on it. Wholesale printers come with two principle printing methods – ink and toner. Although a technology like thermal paper was once the mainstay of wholesale fax machines, these are no longer much in use.

Modern ink jet printing systems are extremely accurate, although most office printers opt for toner cartridge technology these days – something that has been used in the copier wholesale sector for decades. Essentially, a magnetised drum creates a field over the paper which corresponds to the image that is to be produced, whether it is being copied or printed. Powdery toner is then sprinkled over the paper and – because it has a charge – it only sits in the places required. Once this fine image is heated up, the toner creates a permanent image on the paper.

Wholesale printers come in many different sizes, but even the smallest products - which are designed for home use - are generally capable of handling A4-sized paper. A typical printer manufacturer will also offer multi-function units which are capable of acting as a scanner and copier as well, if wanted. If a modem is also included, then such devices can also act in place of a dedicated facsimile machine. Wholesale traders in IT technologies, especially those who specialise in document management devices, can discover all of the latest innovations with suppliers of printers, copiers and faxes by registering with

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217A 17A toner cartridge for LaserJet Pro M130nw/M132a/ M132fn/M132fp/M132fw/M132nw

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Compatible CF230A for 30A 30X toner cartridge M203DN M203DW M227FDW M227SDN printer

Quick Details     Type: Toner Cartridge     Feature: Compatible     Compatible...


CET Group Co., Ltd.

CET Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter to be referred as CET or CET Group) was a diversified...

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