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Wholesale toner is a vital component used in photocopiers and laser printers. It consists of an electrically charged fine powder which is attracted to the page to be printed by means of the opposing charge. The toner is then bonded to the paper using the heat of a laser. A toner supplier will usually offer wholesale toner in disposable cartridges designed to fit specific models of laser printer or photocopier. A toner manufacturer will produce toner in black as well as cyan, magenta and yellow, allowing full colour printing and photocopying. Some toner manufacturers produce bulk toner powder which a toner trader will buy wholesale to produce their own toner cartridges or to offer a refill service. Wholesale suppliers and traders in toners can be sourced using the online-portal

The benefits of toner over ink printing are manifold. Toner cartridges typically have a much longer life than ink cartridges and so need replacing much less frequently. Toner cartridges also have a lower printing cost per page, making them more cost effective for printing and photocopying in the long term. For businesses that do a lot of printing and photocopying, using toner and accessories is likely to be far more cost effective than using ink cartridges. Toner printing is also usually faster than ink printing, allowing more pages to be printed in the same time frame. Toner cartridges are typically far less prone to clogging than ink cartridges. Toner and toner accessories are a vital component of both laser printers and photocopiers, as well as being essential items for any business which requires a lot of printing or photocopying. As consumable items, toner and accessories are something that will always be in regular demand, but which can be accessed using

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