A server is the central computer on a network, designed to manage resources, control common data and share services between one or more clients. The term can also refer to the software that is installed on the machine. As hardware, servers are usually the most powerful computer on the network - although not necessarily. On the very smallest network implementations, an individual user workstation can be set up to double as a server.

Many common networks are based on the widespread client-server design model; larger organisations employ numerous dedicated machines with load balancing software techniques. Implementations are further customised and adapted to meet specific roles – web access, media control, Intranet within an organisation, applications and computer-assisted telephony being just some examples.

A server can vary from typical workstation or PC size up to a larger mainframe. Multiple units can be installed in racks with just one keyboard, mouse and monitor switched between multiple devices. The latest blade servers compress even more processing power into even less space.

Hardware is designed and built to run for long periods without any interruption, providing high reliability and maximum availability. Clearly, specification and durability are key requirements; an uninterruptible power supply and regular, automated data backups are of great importance. Certainly, with increased numbers of companies being reliant on their technical resources, servers are essential to a company’s success.

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