The term IT Hardware & Software services relates to an industry-wide application of computer services and digital technologies to provide modern tools and infrastructure wherever they can deliver the benefits of greater efficiency, automation, increased capacities and/or time- and cost savings. Dealer computer services are now an essential feature in many trades, with the auto industry being one example. Vehicle services, for example, now rely upon an array of computer hardware and software for a range of calibration, diagnostic and monitoring functions carried out in connection with repair and maintenance work. Likewise, architectural specifications for state of the art commercial buildings often call for computer-controlled building management systems. A glance through the listings will show that similar facilities are also needed in many other industries, while computer services have an extensive role to play as regards computer-based training needs.

With increasing demand for companies to operate online, including selling their items, communicating with customers and providing product information, a business needs to ensure that the hardware and software required for this is up to scratch. Services in this sector can supply the knowledge and equipment for this.

Those searching for more specialist digital facilities will find searches of the sub-categories, such as Data Processing Services, will help narrow down any requirements. Such data processing services are required, for example, by companies that need to validate, summarize or analyse data in a manner that is meaningful to the business. Raw data is often unhelpful to laymen, so utilising such a service is often a necessity. More straightforward services can include the installation of hardware, be it replacing an individual device or installing an entire server room.

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