Software refers to an organised collection of data and instructions designed to operate a computer or related device. This concept can be further subdivided into system-software applications which run in the background providing general computer operating-system functionality, and application-software programs used to perform specific computer tasks. More specific software-related listings of contacts on can be found in the sub-categories of Architectural Software, CAD & CAM, E-Commerce Software and many more. Here, there is a software-only category and other relevant listings spread across classifications such as Computer Supplies, Network, and Printing & Binding. The software-industry landscape is quite varied in that a producer or provider can be anything from an individual developing a niche product right up to an industrial-scale research team servicing the needs of a large wholesale manufacturer. Likewise, a smaller producer may also deal direct with end customers, and thus not require the services of an intermediate trader, whereas a corporate manufacturer will most likely operate a large distribution network.

With the ever-increasing range of electronic devices, as well as the increase in Internet availability and Internet speed, the demand for software will rise in accordance to this. From fun little apps for children to the software that keeps a fighter jet in the air, the importance of software is significant in many regards. Modern civilization requires software to control, regulate and safe-keep power grids, stock exchanges, waste management and much more, while also providing the little pleasures that many take for granted.

Where a trader may be looking for a reliable source of stock, or a provider may be seeking retail outlets, is the ideal place to find productive B2B contacts in the software industry.

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The customer becomes part of the development process With 3D bodyscanners for the head...


ABG Systems S.r.l.

We design and develop hardware and software systems that by using modern automatic...


Audaces Apparel - Pattern Making

Your company can automate the process of pattern making and grading with this software...


Action Potential Tech Ltd

Action Potential Tech Ltd is a London based software company whose main product...


Audaces Digiflash and Digiflash XT

Audaces Digiflash Plus – Digitizing patterns in a flash The customer that adopts...


ADB Stagelight s.a.s.u.

ADB Stagelight is a pioneering, world leading manufacturer of Theatre and TV dimmers...


Audaces Idea

With Audaces Idea, the whole process of collection development gains in agility and organization...


ADDED VALUE Unlimited GmbH

We have been working successfully in the spare parts business since 12 years. Based...

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