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An indispensable tool in today’s industry, choosing the right architectural software is an important decision. Students, freelancers, small companies and established firms all have their specific priorities and requirements. As 3D software technology advances at an astounding rate, it offers architects an ever-increasing number of capabilities. Whilst a firm may require the latest and most powerful CAD or BIM software, a student will require a simpler and more affordable learning tool. Professional architects are also expected to be proficient now in more than one programme. Proficiency with a CAD drafting tool may suffice for a teacher, but a working architect soon discovers that certain jobs require a certain type of software. Find suppliers and manufacturers of a wide range of architectural software on

In addition to functionality, there are other important considerations to be made. The operating system, for example, and if the software is for a Mac, PC or multiple platform are amongst some of these considerations. Decisions regarding comparability and interoperability are crucial factors in making the right choice of software. The industry leader in architectural software may be the immediate and best choice for many professionals and firms, but the ability to offer more economical alternatives is a definite market advantage. Some features of a program may simply not be required by an architect or designer, and as such they will be reluctant to spend unnecessarily on features that will never be put to use. Powerful, flexible and accessible, the right software tools enable architects, draughtsmen and professional builders to fully realise their ideas. Use to locate manufacturers and suppliers of the latest 2D and 3D architectural software, and keep up to date with all the current trends and developments in this fast-moving industry.

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