CAD & CAM stands for computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing respectively. It is the use of computer software to work automated machinery and tools to fabricate and manufacture components or whole products. CAD software is expensive and is always being upgraded, which is why many buyers opt to get their software through a CAD service provider, who may be able to offer subscriptions that include updates at more manageable costs. A CAD dealer is different from a CAM trader, who deals specifically in the tools, machinery, and the software that powers them. can be used to source both CAD and CAM trader and suppliers.

It is not unusual for a CAM trader to provide bespoke equipment to suit the needs of their customers rather than an “off the shelf” solution. Because of this, the relationship between a CAM provider and their customers can be a long lasting one, as the original CAM provider is the only one who can offer adequate support. In contrast, a CAD service provider deals in a more standardised product, with the same CAD software being used for anything from designing small objects to complete structures, such as vehicle safety cages. In addition to the creation and distribution of CAD software, “CAD Service Provider” can also apply to the sale of design services. In such a situation, the service provider would take specifications and other necessary information and translate that into a CAD file that can then be passed on for manufacture. Computer aided design often takes many factors into account, such as material strengths and the kinds of stresses that those materials might be under, so proper training in CAD is important. This makes CAD services an attractive prospect as it saves the expense of training.

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