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Software that is used in the building industry is created to meet the specialist requirements for the job in hand. Like all information systems and building and facility software, construction software aims to make the life of designers, tradesmen and clients easier by helping to visualise projects and quantifying them even before they get built. Suppliers of these essential software programmes can be found at

At the design stage, construction software is used by architects and civil engineers to help them come up with the overall look of a building and how it will function. Design software can often work in a three dimensional modelling world, but it is also used to reproduce the kind of hand-drawn sectional and elevation drawings made in the industry for centuries. One of the advantages of design construction software over traditional methods is the ability to make amendments to the original design without having to complete re-work drawings or blueprints, offering a considerable cost saving.

As well as design, construction software is used in the actual building of structures, too. In many cases it can be put to use to help manage materials. For example, software is often used to calculate the amount of concrete that will be needed for a particular pour. It may also be used to figure out how many bricks are needed for a wall or paving slabs for a pathway. In many software packages, such calculations are also used to plug into accounts systems. This way, overspend on materials can be minimised and fraud detected more easily. When used for estimating purposes, it can even allow construction firms a distinct competitive advantage. Great new software systems for the building industry can be discovered at

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