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E-commerce is an abbreviation of electronic commerce, referring to trading goods or services via the internet. E-commerce software has made this activity easier and more accessible, in the form of computer programs that manage electronic selling for the user. Software can automate a large portion of the technical side of website maintenance and internet communication so that businesses only need to enter the correct information.

With the worldwide adoption of home computing, digital networks and global trade, e-commerce is an inevitable result, allowing businesses and individuals to sell goods over the internet. Some goods are also delivered electronically, such as e-tickets, while other businesses use e-commerce purely for making sales and handle the rest of the order with couriers, just like a postal or telephone ordering service. The value of wholesale e-commerce software becomes clear when looking at the scale of internet businesses, as even traditionally offline services maintain a website to catch more sales.

Wholesale e-commerce software traders can be found at productpilot.com. The vast majority of businesses will seek programs from an e-commerce software provider to streamline the process of selling online. The technical aspects of modifying websites can be handled by this software, meaning operators only need to understand the business aspects. Furthermore, a lot of wholesale e-commerce software solutions also handle bookkeeping and website maintenance by tracking orders, logging complaints and processing payments.

This kind of software is, therefore, a great investment for a business that caters to online shops, from sole traders who need a helping hand up to large corporations that require software packages in huge numbers. These packages can be sold alongside data processing software, graphical user interfaces and other computing solutions.

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