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The music industry is a multi-billion dollar a year marketplace where innovation and experimentation are seen as fundamental ingredients for success. Since the early 1980s, that experimentation has been largely driven by advances in recording technology, and a movement towards digital recording formats. Today, the vast majority of commercially-recorded music is produced digitally, using computers to replace analogue tape systems. For a modern producer music software is the fast and affordable alternative to a studio filled with expensive, physical hardware, with suppliers readily available via

Music software is a term that can be applied to any programme which aids in the production of music and other audio recordings. The most powerful of these programmes can replicate all of the sounds, functions and facilities that an entire analogue recording studio would typically provide. These programmes are known in the recording industry as digital audio workstations (DAW), and can record, mix, edit or sequence multiple tracks of music or audio at the same time. Other music software may have a more specialised function. These programmes may sample - or synthesize - the sound and tone of one specific instrument, or many instruments. Or they may enable a producer to apply and edit special audio effects. These programmes are collectively known as virtual studio technologies (VST).

Most music software will provide specialised options, which are designed to operate within a certain set of circumstances. It is, therefore, important to ensure that software is chosen carefully, and is appropriate for its intended use. Some audio workstations are designed to be used in venues during performances; some are best suited to live, on-air broadcasts. Others will be intended solely for use within a professional studio recording environment. As a modern producer music software provides the ideal platform for high quality, efficient work flows.

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