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Both ET inventory and ET procurement, better known as information technology (IT) inventory and procurement, use software systems in many facets of their operation. Essentially, IT professionals who need to keep tabs on all of their equipment require software to help them do so. In many larger organisations, for example, there is a rolling programme for updating laptop and desktop computers with newer operating systems or adjusting the number of programmes which have been installed on them for maximising the use of licenses. With often hundreds, if not thousands, of individual upgrade packages to keep track of, IT professionals need a software system that maintains an inventory of everything. Inventory software is often updated by multiple operatives who might be working at a corporate headquarters or off site, perhaps at a satellite facility. Therefore, most IT inventory packages are capable of being shared by multiple users over internet connections so records can be checked by everyone involved. They can be used to maintain records of computers, but also of servers, routers, switches, printers and all the other hardware that is used within modern organisations.

Along with the ability to maintain up to date inventories of their computers, other hardware and software licenses, IT procurement software helps professionals to buy new equipment as and when it is required. By processing procurement requirements in a dedicated IT package, it is possible to manage budgets and to buy from local suppliers in the most cost effective ways. Many IT procurement systems also plug into a corporate bookkeeping packages which helps larger companies to function with the greatest efficiency and degree of spending oversight possible. Traders can keep updated with all the latest inventory and procurement systems by visting

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