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The Music, Instruments & Media category covers a broad range of wood, brass, bowed and plucked musical instruments and accessories. For those looking to purchase wholesale instruments, and also those who are able to supply wholesale instruments,'s listings will demonstrate the comprehensive selection of products this category has to offer. Perhaps even more important for the music instruments wholesale trade, is a valuable B2B industry resource full of reliable and relevant business-contact information for buyers and sellers of wholesale instruments.

As with many other consumer markets, those active in the wholesale music instruments industry have found that popular interest in learning to play musical instruments has inevitably experienced some decline during the economic downturn. Nevertheless, a return to more optimistic trading conditions, both in the UK and elsewhere, undoubtedly signals the welcome revival of consumer interest in music in general. The wholesale music instruments trade is thus anticipating a surge in retail activity supported by rising disposable incomes and renewed customer confidence.

It is often argued that the easy access to digital music sources continues to have a negative impact upon the music-making activities which the music instrument wholesale industry supports. Whilst there is evidence that some specific areas of music performance may be in decline – classical music orchestras, for instance – it is not at all clear that this necessarily reflects a move away from active music making. Other data suggests that, far from exerting a negative effect, the ready availability of a broad range of music actually encourages participation.

Such positive reports should be welcome news for wholesale instrument suppliers and retailers who will find further examples of wholesale music instruments appear in related categories such as Electronics, Arts Gifts & Crafts, Textiles, and Home & House.

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14000 Drummer's throne »Gomezz«

Professional drummer's throne: stable, foldable 3-leg base with fixed large rubber...


Abasi Tar & Harp Workshop

Founded in Tehran in 1978, Abbasi Harp started manufacturing national instruments...


17534 Four guitar stand »Guardian 3+1«

The Guardian keeps one acoustic and 3 electric guitars safe, saves space and keeps...


Acus Sound Engineering s.r.l.s.

Acus invents, designs and manufactures its entire range of products exclusively...


18810 Table-style keyboard stand »Omega«

Its compact steel tubing construction and large round floor protectors make this attractive...


Adam Hall® Group

The Adam Hall Group is a leading German manufacturer and distribution company that provides...


19791 Tablet PC holder

Universal Tablet Holder for different models. The Universal Tablet Holder can be adjusted...


aer music GmbH

AER The Acoustic People: We are a company that produces high-quality instrumental...

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