Components & Accessories for Musical Instruments

Components & Accessories for Musical Instruments are products essential to the smooth operation, maintenance and optimum performance of musical instruments. During its lifetime, any instrument will require the replacement of some spare parts, and perhaps repairs and adjustments, so there is a universal need for such important facilities. Certain accessories for musical instruments, such as sticks, mallets, reeds and picks, would be considered musical consumables which should be regularly replaced. Some accessories like straps, bows, bridges and pickups are, however, more likely to be replaced as performance upgrades, or more occasionally as a result of gradual wear or malfunction. A further class of accessories including, for example, sound effects, compressors and amplifiers, are most likely to be purchased in order to extend the range or functionality of a particular instrument or sound system. For the more technical side to music, items will be needed for successful recording sessions and concerts, too. Wholesalers of components and accessories for musical instruments can find suitable contacts on

The online portal often serves as a reliable source of B2B contacts, both within industries and across different industries. This may occur, for example if a wholesale manufacturer wishes to appoint further dealer representation in a new country or region. Alternatively, on the demand side, a musical instrument retailer who also operates a commercial repair facility may wish to find a different source for certain types of spare parts. For more specific contact requirements, the sub-categories cater to this. Sub-categories in this field include Components, Sheets, Equalizers, Materials for Repair & Care, Cases & Bags for Musical instruments, as well as Mallets & Drumsticks and Amplifiers.

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