Carrying Straps

Carrying straps are manufactured as accessories for all kinds of musical instruments’ cases, as well as the instruments themselves. Musical instruments are valuable products and a musician's tools of the trade. They are also heavy and sometimes cumbersome items, meaning they need to be well maintained and safely stored in appropriate cases and bags. As musicians are commonly required to travel for their work, carrying straps are just as important tools as the musical instrument and its protective case. These carrying straps are durable, strong and adaptable as musical instruments can be hard to transport.

Carrying straps are often made of leather and other long-lasting, durable materials. It is not unusual for the strap to come with expandable/adjustable features as well as metal clipping attachments so that the strap can be used with other instrument cases, too. Musical instrument straps can be embossed and embellished with attractive designs, patterns and brand-named logos. Carry straps are not only needed for transportation, but for performances too. Traditional musical instrument wholesale stores stock a wide range of straps for guitars for use when performing, for example, as well as saxophone straps. These straps for performances and practising are designed for comfort and dependability.

Although often sold together with cases and bags for musical instruments, carry straps can be purchased separately. Suppliers of musical instrument goods and essential accessories on should be able to inform buyers as to a particular strap’s capacity. Owing to the weight of many instruments and the size of the transportation cases, interested buyers should endeavour to seek advice prior to purchasing a carry strap to ensure their needs will be met.

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