Cases & Bags for Musical Instruments

Musical instrument cases and instrument bags are essential accessories for the professional musicians. Designed to transport and store valuable instruments, bags and cases provide the necessary protection and safety. Especially where the larger models are concerned, the cases for musical instruments are often designed to make carrying the instruments from one place to the next easy. As travelling is an integral part of a musician's life, getting about with a bulky instrument needs to be hassle-free.

The music industry recognizes the need for durable and reliable bags for instruments, especially those items that are handmade and are of considerable value. Instruments are oftentimes very heavy, meaning the cases for instruments have to be as lightweight as possible, without any sacrifice to the bag’s protective qualities. This is especially important for younger players, who may have to carry heavy instruments to and from lessons. As playing and practicing music is often a very physical endeavour, it’s important that transportation of the instrument is as easy as possible.

Additionally, it’s important that instrument cases have a sufficient number of pockets to accommodate any necessary extras, such as bows, music notation, tuning pegs or small maintenance items. Using, it’s possible to source suppliers of instrument bags and cases suitable for any number of instruments. Musical instruments have undergone many developments over the last centuries and cases likewise have to accommodate the needs of electronic instruments, too. Often equipped with high-end technological elements, such as computer programming controls plus a myriad of other built-in features and add-ons, selecting the correct cases for these instruments is just as important as buying the instrument itself.

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Bespeco is situated in Ancona - Italy, and since 1982, has been manufacturing accessories...


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Natakit Industry Co., Ltd

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SIBA Plus s.r.o.

Manufacturing of cases and other equipment for musical instruments, stage, scene...


Percussion Plus - Tom & Will - Octopus Ukulele

Tom & Will Distribution Frederick Hyde is a UK based distribution company housing...


Jakob Winter GmbH

Highest manufacturing quality, great materials and components, decades of experience...

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