Audio compressors, such as microphones and other audio IT equipment, are used extensively in both home and professional recording studios. A typical audio compressors manufacturer will also produce equipment that is capable of compressing live sounds, thus making it much more akin to recorded music, sometimes helping to create an evenly balanced sound that is more familiar to certain audiences. Essentially, the compressors wholesale market is made up of rack mounted audio processors, software compressors and compressing stomp boxes – often used by guitarists during solos, though manufacturers and suppliers for any need can be found using A compressors manufacturer will make a product which smoothes out peaks and troughs in an audio signal to make it more even sounding. A compressed signal, therefore, has less dynamism than an uncompressed one. Although this is not desirable in some music, it is a mainstay of a record producer's technique, particularly when recording bass sounds and vocals. Displayed visually, dynamic peaks of a compressed audio signal are cut or rounded off to a degree. The amount of compression that is applied is measured in terms of its ratio and most compressors allow this to be adjusted by users in order to fine tune the sound.

In the past, valves were used to create the desired compressed sound, but now a compressors supplier will often create similar effects with transistors or software audio processing techniques. For any compressors wholesale supplier, the majority of products are sold via retailers, either in music shops, pro-audio outlets or through specialist e-tailers. When a software version of the device is sold, however, a typical compressors supplier will merely allow it to be downloaded and used as a plug-in within another piece of audio processing software. Many new compressors are launched each year and updates to existing products are commonplace, too.

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