Audio production is a technical and complex process. To achieve the best quality results in sound and musical recordings, professionals within the production industry must be able to access the necessary equipment, and know how to operate it. Suppliers are available at productpilot.com and are ready to help, as choosing the right tools for the task in hand is always of great important when producing high fidelity recordings.

Equalizers are processing units which are able to filter pre-determined sonic frequencies, either during a live performance, or on a piece of pre-recorded audio. Because producing a high quality recording relies so heavily on balancing the frequency range of the captured audio, equalizers are among the most commonly used pieces of recording equipment.

Equalizers are the one piece of sound processing hardware that most people are at least somewhat aware of. A switch on a home or vehicle stereo system that controls bass and treble is a type of rudimentary equalizer. But a professional equalizer is able to offer far more advanced capabilities: from cutting all sound from specified frequency ranges, to broadening or narrowing the bandwidth of an active filter range, to allowing complete automation so that the equalizer will vary its settings without any human intervention.

The advanced features on professional equalizers have also been used creatively by producers, to recreate other audio effects. By adjusting band gain values in sequence, an equalizer can be used to replicate filter sweep effects, while low and high pass filters are commonly employed to imitate the effects of space or distance in a recording – an extreme low pass filter can accurately mimic the sound of music being heard from an adjacent room, for example.

A well trained audio producer will understand what apparatus they will require for a task, with many knowledgeable suppliers available via productpilot.com. It is, therefore, important to ensure that any equalizer that is purchased for a recording studio will fulfil these requirements before they are acquired.

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