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Like other accessories for musical instruments, such as mouthpieces, bows and cases, mallets and drumsticks are sold by specialist music retailers for percussionists. The wholesale drumsticks sector features products which are well-established and often endorsed by leading drummers in well-known bands. Nevertheless, most wholesale drumsticks take the same basic design and are available from the specialist suppliers at

The main part of a drumstick is referred to as the shaft and has a constant diameter, which is the part which is held. The bottom of the drumstick is called a butt, and the part of the stick which tapers is called the shoulder. At the other end of the stick from the butt, the tip is found. Wider than the shoulder, the tip is the part of the drumstick which most commonly makes contact with the drum. Usually made entirely from wood, drumsticks sometimes sport nylon tips which often makes them longer lasting. Some rock drummers choose to use the butt as the part of the drumstick which does the drumming, but in classical, jazz and other forms of music, it is the tip which performs this role. Wholesale drumsticks are sized according to their weight, which is indicated by the stick’s number: The lower the number, the heavier the stick. A letter follows this number which corresponds to the exact shape of the tip.

A typical drumsticks manufacturer will also produce percussion mallets, or beaters. Felt mallets tend to be used on un-tuned kit drums and are used by drummers to produce softer sounds, especially with their cymbals. In addition, a drumsticks manufacturer will often make unwrapped mallets, which are much used on tuned instruments, such as glockenspiels and xylophones. Professionals in the industry can discover great new product suppliers with

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