An essential component of many musical instruments, a mouthpiece, is used by a musician to create the instrument’s basic sound from which further notes and tones are made. The wholesale mouthpieces sector generally supplies products with new instruments, but musicians often change their chosen mouthpiece at a later date, depending on their specific preferences. As such, wholesale mouthpieces are also frequently supplied to musical retailers as accessories, alongside products like bows, reeds, stands and picks. Suppliers can be sourced using For musicians, there are two principle categories of mouthpiece – those which are used with brass instruments and those which are used with woodwind instruments.

Placed in the player's mouth, most woodwind mouthpieces hold a single reed, as is the case with clarinets and saxophones, for instance. Nonetheless, there are some double-reeded instruments - such as oboes, shawms and racketts - which need different sort of mouthpiece. Either way, the function of a woodwind mouthpiece is to offer an opening through which air can be blown. At one end of the mouthpiece, an air chamber is found which vibrates according to the interaction between the air flow and the reed. This vibration creates the fundamental sound of the instrument and affects it timbre as well as its range.

Brass mouthpieces, like woodwind ones, are interchangeable between certain instruments. A trumpet player, for example, will often use his or her own mouthpiece, even when they switch between trumpets. Made from metal alloys as well as plastic, brass mouthpieces don't go inside the player's mouth, but rest against the lips. Without a reed, it is the vibration of the lips from the player's embouchure which creates the basic sound. The mouthpiece channels this into the instrument, whether it is a trombone, tuba or other brass instrument. Traders in musical accessories can find all they need at

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