Musical IT

Music information technology, or musical IT, is an important part of many music retailers' offering, largely because it is used to extensively by musicians. For example, software versions of guitarists' effects pedals are now commonplace. Therefore, stockists of microphones, pickups and compressors are just as likely to provide soft versions of effects as they are to sell so-called stomp box pedals.

The use of IT in music has grown in recent decades and includes anything from computers which have been specified for a great degree of audio processing to software recording suites. These days, software versions of hard synthesizers, signal processors, sequencers, samplers and mixers all exist and they are often packaged together in a single product suite. Many of the competing musical IT packages have been designed to allow for third party software to be integrated. This means that a musician can fine tune their EQ settings using the on board equalizer, for instance, but opt for a third party compressor, if they want, to level the sound out in a certain way.

The compatibility of musical IT is a key issue for consumers and being able to connect various gadgets together through a unifying language, such as MIDI, is often favourable. Indeed some IT products allow MIDI to be converted from and to stave music. Along with processing and mixing recorded music in a home studio environment, musical IT can also be used with live audio production, too. It has a role in processing the sound of bands on stage to ensure that the aural qualities of a live performance are equally as good for those in the back of the room as those at the front. Manufacturers of all sorts of music IT products can be discovered at

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