Commonly referred to as plectrums, wholesale picks are manufactured by some of the leading musical brands, such as Gibson, Fender and Yamaha. They are most frequently purchased by guitarists as a tool to strum against their instrument's strings, thereby reducing friction against their hand, but wholesale picks are also made for other sorts of musical instrument. These include mandolins, banjos, mandolas, citterns, shamisen and Arabic ouds. They are usually fashioned from a simple single piece of plastic. Most conform to a standard shape - a tear drop triangle - which can easily be held when playing. The pointiest angle of the pick is generally used to strike the strings of the guitar, while the player holds the opposing side of the triangle between his or her thumb and index finger. As a result, as well as the big brands, there are a number of smaller operators who make wholesale picks, with suppliers readily available on productpilot.com.

Although the overwhelming majority of wholesale picks are made from plastics, other materials are also used. These include metal, wood, turtle shell and even felt. The last of these is a popular choice among ukulele players because it is flexible and creates a sweet, soft tone against the strings. Like other types, plastic picks are made with differing thicknesses. This means that the amount they flex when strumming differs. Usually a manufacturer will place the thickness of the pick in question on the face of the product given in millimetres. Bassists and rock guitarists tend to favour thicker plectrums, but it often comes down to nothing more than personal choice. Any traders seeking new designs of picks can find many innovative wares at productpilot.com.

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