Reeds are thin strips, often made from giant cane, that are used in the mouthpiece of a wind instrument to create vibration. Reeds are usually shaped like a flat strip of varying thickness, allowing air to pass over them when the instrument is blown. They can be made from different materials, from cane to synthetic materials, or even metals. Reeds have been developed over hundreds of years to have a shape and texture that vibrates in the right way to produce the desired sound.

The variety of reed materials and sizes are largely defined by the instruments they are designed for. A buyer of reeds wholesale will find providers with various stock options at, to suit the instruments they wish to cater for. In many cases, wholesale reeds are popular for selling to musical instrument manufacturers or music retail shops, which stock replacement reeds.

The typical reed is made from the giant cane plant, giving the visual appearance of a plant reed, though many manufacturers now produce synthetic alternatives. Critics consider synthetic reeds to produce an inferior sound, though they are more durable.

Reeds can be arranged in single, double or even quadruple forms, producing different harmonics. Single reeds are seen on instruments like clarinets and are roughly rectangular, with a curved edge that rests along the mouthpiece of the instrument. Double reeds are used on instruments like the oboe and do not rely on a mouthpiece, instead vibrating against each other.

A reed manufacturer will produce reeds wholesale with differing amounts of thickness and hardness, with a rough five-point scale to act as a standard. These items are a great wholesale choice for instrument suppliers and sell well alongside other consumable musical accessories, like strings and picks, because they need periodic replacement.

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KGE Oboe Reed Making Machine

This product was designed by Kexun Ge, KGE REEDS' master reed maker. He wanted to make...



K.GE Reeds began its life with the company founder, Mr Kexun Ge, making reeds as an oboe...

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