Instrument seats allow the musician to maintain the correct posture for long periods of time while playing their instrument. Traditionally, the instrument maker did not make a seat to match their product, rather, they were regarded as accessories. A person buying a piano, for example, had to purchase a bench or stool separately, and these were manufactured by a different tradesman or company than the instrument maker. Suppliers of instrument seats are able to find various designs and styles of music furniture from those companies registered at

Learning to play a musical instrument requires dedication and time spent practicing the skill, as well as physical endurance – especially with the larger instruments, practicing is as much a physical endeavour as it is cognitive. The ability to maintain a comfortable posture is important. To achieve this, the seat needs to be arranged at the correct distance and height from the instrument. A musician playing an instrument such as a piano should be able to sit with forearms parallel with the ground, allowing the fingers to drop naturally onto the keys, while at the same time remaining relaxed at the shoulders. Feet should be firmly on the ground for stability when seated towards the front edge of the instrument seat.

Instrument seats are typically bench or stool designs. Some have mechanisms to raise or lower their height to enable the musician to sit comfortably. Bench designs may be solo seats or duet types that allow a teacher or second player a position at the instrument, and many also incorporate storage space for music sheets or accessories. When buying a seat, the choice of material and design may be influenced by the musical instrument itself. Colour, finish, material and even the style of legs can be integral to ensuring the two are aesthetically pleasing together.

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