For musical stockists, sheet music is an important part of their wares. Often sold alongside other musical items, such as bows, metronomes and music woods, wholesale sheets cover a wide variety of music. For professional orchestras and other large ensembles, such as youth orchestras and brass bands, there are many manuscripts on offer which cover anything from baroque to twentieth century classical pieces, with sheet music available as a conductor’s score, or for smaller ensembles or instrument parts. Suppliers of sheet and manuscript music can be sourced at

Wholesale sheets or scores have multiple parts written out in sections. For example, all of the string section's music is laid out in parallel so that violin, viola, cello and double bass parts are all together while woodwind parts are printed on separate sheets. In other cases - where fewer musicians are involved, perhaps in a quartet - all of the musical parts appear on the same sheet together. Along with music that is drawn from the classical repertoire, much of the musical sheets wholesale sector also caters for popular music. Many rock bands, for instance, have their most popular songs transcribed into manuscript so that they can be learned by amateur musicians or covers bands. In some cases, the sheet music that is printed provides a simplified version of the music to make it easier to read by sight.

Another important part of the sheet music sector is devoted to choral works. Such music is used in religious ceremonies, at formal performances and increasingly by groups of singers who use sheets for nothing more than fun. Choral sheet music is often split into three or more harmonies in arrangements of popular songs and sacred music which can be sung entirely acapella. Anyone looking for the latest manuscripts and industry trends can find what they need at

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