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Used to hold or display musical instruments, many musical retailers supply instrument stands as accessories, along with the instruments themselves. They are much used by stage performing musicians, especially when they need to switch between the instruments they are playing. Musical stands are also widely used in the home by musicians who want to take good care of their chosen instrument and store it safely, whilst keeping it on display.

There are many types of instrument stands that are available from suppliers at, available with ranging degrees of complexity depending on the instrument. Many brass and woodwind instrument stands take a simple design, for example. Generally speaking, they tend to be manufactured from powder coated steel and have an upright section over which the instrument sits, keeping it standing up, when not in use. At the bottom of the stand, there are often three fold-down legs which can be deployed to keep the instrument from falling over. When the legs are folded up, the stand becomes easy to transport. They are sometimes supplied with carry cases, to make transportation even more convenient.

One of the major markets for instrument stands are those which are designed for guitars. Leaning guitars against their neck does damage to them in the long run, so many guitarists prefer to store their instruments using a stand. It is common for these stands to have two legs which extend to the left and the right, with a third, shorter leg extending backwards. These types tend to have a long neck which supports the back of the guitar's finger board. Other designs are much shorter and support the guitar from the back of the body. Numerous instrument stands have rubberised, high-friction feet which help to prevent toppling even when accidental bumps occur. Traders of stands for all sorts of musical instruments can research their chosen field with

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