Sold by musical retailers, wholesale strings are available for a wide number of instruments and need to be regularly replaced in order for musicians to maintain a fresh tonal quality. Like bags for musical instruments, metronomes and other musical accessories, they tend to be sold as spares with brand new instruments and then supplied independently afterwards. All players of stringed instruments require the strings wholesale sector to supply replacement strings. They are widely available for fretted instruments such as guitars, mandolins, bass guitars, ukuleles, banjos, citterns and mandolas. In addition, the sector provides spares for un-fretted instruments which include double basses, violas, fretless bass guitars and violins. Suppliers of strings for musical instruments can be sourced using

Generally speaking, new strings are supplied wound up into a loop so that they are easy to transport without being placed under undue stress. Many are either held in a small paper envelope or a plastic pouch. Although some retailers sell them individually, most wholesale strings suppliers only offer complete sets, for example all five strings needed to re-string a tenor banjo.

Most strings for guitars, for example, that are sold are presented with a certain gauge. For example, gauge 10 is regarded as the standard size for the steel strings used on most guitars. Size 11 is a heavy-duty gauge, often favoured by rock guitarists, but sizes 8 and 9 are lighter, allowing for more bend and subtlety in play. Bass strings tend to be wound which means they have a central metal string over which a second one is tightly wound in a spiral fashion. As well as metal strings, nylon ones are available, usually found on classical and baroque instruments, emulating the original materials that would have been used. Dealers in wholesale strings can keep on top of the industry's latest products with

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Aileen Music Co., Ltd.

“Aileen” is NANJING AILEEN TRADING CO., LTD., registered brand for musical instruments...


Brilliant Sounds Experts

BRILLIANT SOUNDS EXPERTS We are a group of aeronautical engineers and luthiers...


Felipe Conde Guitarrero, S.L.

  Felipe Conde is the third generation guitar builder from Madrid, Spain. Direct...


DOGAL di Cella & C. snc

ITALIAN HAND CRAFTED PRODUCTION since 1950 Luigi Cella founded “Dogal Corde...


For-Tune Strings

OUR HISTORY For-Tune Strings was established in Beijing in 1992 by Ms. Dan Meizhen...


Galli Corde Musicali S.r.l.

The Galli Musical Strings Company was established by Tommaso Galli in 1890. At that time...


Dieter Hopf Gitarren-Atelier GmbH & Co. KG

Guitar Atelier Dieter Hopf The name Hopf is first mentioned in connection with instrument...


IZZO Instrumentos Musicais Ltda.

IZZO Instrumentos Musicais is one of the most traditional manufacturers of musical...


Jargar Strings ApS

About 1950 Danish cellist Jarl Hansen wanted more from his cello than gut strings...


Knobloch Strings S.L.U.

Our high-quality guitar strings are characterised by enhanced projection and richness...


Lenzner Saitenmanufaktur OHG

Among experts the strings for Zither of the brand “Lenzner Musiksaiten” above all...

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