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The term design product refers to an article or object which has been planned and created with some particular look or function in mind. This definition, therefore, applies not only to delicate fabrics used to create a subtle interior effect, but also to particular automotive components designed to facilitate certain aspects of superior engine performance. Design items are often created using higher quality materials or to exhibit a certain degree of craftsmanship. It is not rare that some contain rare raw materials, increasing the individuality and appeal of the product. Ensuring these quality materials can be easily sought, companies can use the database at to locate reliable suppliers.

When it comes to design products, beauty is most certainly in the eye of the beholder: some may find the blending of colours and textures on one product enchanting, whilst others may derive immense pleasure from, for example, using a tool simply because of the elegant solution it offers to a particular problem. Ideally, design products should demonstrate the perfect blend of form and function. This view is supported by the design process itself, which commonly uses prototypes and revisions to move from a purely basic achievement of function to the finesse, economy, utility – and often sheer beauty – of the final form. Closely linked to marketing and market research sectors, designers should be well versed on the needs and requirements of their target audience.

The world of design products is vast and almost every industry boasts a branch dedicated to design. Using helps companies and traders across all industries to connect, ensuring demand needs are met. Certainly, this industry diversity means businesses can adapt their product to fill any gap in the market, too.

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