Wholesale accordions account for an entire family of instruments, each with the common characteristics that they are box-shaped, have bellows - which are pushed back and forth to create airflow - and valves, ensuring that individual notes can be played. At its heart, an accordion uses a series of reeds which are placed within the instrument that sound when air is passed through them. The player controls which reeds make the sound by using their right hand to operate the keys. Most modern accordions have their keys set out in a conventional keyboard arrangement which is orientated downwards over the player's chest. On this set-up, the lowest notes toward the chin and the highest notes toward the belly.

Although most accordions now have this piano keyboard arrangement, button accordions can still be found which use simple switches to sound the reeds when they are pressed down. Unlike other squeeze boxes, such as the concertina, many accordions also offer the player the chance to play common chord configurations with their left hand. This acts as an accompaniment to the right hand play, which is produced by pressing on buttons. In addition, the direction of the bellows' movement makes no difference to the pitch of the sound produced, unlike some other similar instruments, like the melodeon. At, traders of musical instruments can easily locate wholesale accordions and companies which supply and manufacturer them

The accordion is traditionally seen in folk music groups, offering a complex melodic accompaniment to the melody. Sometimes seen as a solo instrument too, professional and gifted musicians can produce a wide range of sounds and very much utilise this instrument to great audience appeal.

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