Wholesale keyboards are essentials tools of the music trade for professional and budding musicians alike. Keyboard players know the importance of quality musical instruments, especially those produced by a renowned and reputable keyboards manufacturer. The wholesale keyboards trade covers a wide and diverse range of electronic organs and pianos which can be hand-made or mass produced bearing a brand-named keyboards manufacturer logo. Keyboard suppliers are available on, ensuring there are models available for any degree of musical proficiency.

Electronic and digitally modified keyboards pertain to synthesizers, or music work stations, that are programmed with a computer chip which is activated by control keys. This gives the player access to many different sounds, styles and melody arrangements. More technologically advanced models come equipped with several other instrument simulation sounds, such as percussion, wind, strings and brass sections which overall enhances and expands the musician's forte. They can also contain amplifier, monitor and speaker components, giving the keyboard player recording features, better sound quality and diversity when playing or composing music. Electronic keyboard devices are built to withstand challenging situations that are part and parcel of the musician’s life. For instance, travel and transportation can be difficult with such a large object, meaning these instruments should be easily disassembled or erected.

Producer keyboards experts who manufacture other keyboard musical instruments like harmonicas, accordions, pianos and organs are always keen to modify, up-date and improve on quality technological goods as the music industry demands higher standards in effective and durable prototypes. The music industry requires producer keyboards experts to constantly reinvent and rework outdated technology to meet today's demand and supply. Musical instrument stores and retail outlets searching for the latest ideas and most recent designs can stay one step ahead of competitors through

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Casio Europe GmbH

CASIO is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic consumable goods worldwide...


Dynatone Corporation

Dynatone Corporation was first established in 1987, and has grown to become a leading...


Exodus Digital Ltd

Exodus Digital is a UK company that has built an exciting new virtual analogue...


KETRON s.r.l.

The company KETRON was founded  in  February 1981, with the fundamental objective...


Waldorf Music GmbH

For over 20 years, the name Waldorf has been a synonym for high quality synthesizers...



The ONE Music Group is the company based in Silicon Valley, California. The ONE...

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