Perhaps the most widely known of all keyboard instruments, pianos are in the same group of musical devices as organs, synthesizers and electronic keyboards. Unlike these electronically powered devices, however, a piano makes sound according the weighted key that is pressed by the player which forces a hammer to strike strings, affording a fully acoustic sound. To be found on productpilot.com, a typical piano manufacturer will ensure a particular tonal quality from their instruments is produced. This tonal quality is determined according to the size and shape of the instrument’s design, along with the quality of the components used in the key and hammer mechanism. For any piano dealer, a range of tonal qualities amongst their stock is necessary so that customers have a good range of sounds to choose between.

The piano wholesale market caters for most instrument types, with their various tonal attributes – from grand performance pianos to uprights which can fit into classrooms and modestly-sized homes. Generally speaking, the larger the instrument the fuller the tone but even relatively inexpensive upright models can produce excellent audio qualities these days, such have the manufacturing processes been honed over the years.

For any piano trader, understanding all of the nuances of the sound of an instrument is essential. This not only includes the level of sustain and other audio qualities, but encompasses technical parts of the instrument which alters its sound, such as the pedals and tuning mechanism. In addition, many a piano dealer will stock electronic pianos which create their sounds via MIDI interfaces and have an internal amplifier. With such instruments, all manner of sounds can be created - not just high quality piano notes - for example harpsichord emulation.

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The pure feel of the piano. You will forget that you are playing a digital instrument...


Helmut Abel GmbH

The ABEL HAMMER COMPANY is a leading manufacturer of high quality hammerheads used...



 High quality spruce solid wood soundboard;  Strictly comply the design principal...



ALPHA Pianos develops and distributes outstanding electronic musical instruments...


Liedermann 113T Chrome

Low budget brand new piano Available with or without brand name 3 pedals Japanese...


Casio Europe GmbH

CASIO is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic consumable goods worldwide...


Liedermann 122T Chrome

Its musical volume is impressive and from the deep and colourful bass section to the bright...


C.M.S S.p.A.

Founded in 1969 C.M.S. SpA is the head of CMS Industries, a brand that brings together...



DEXIBELL has a creative energy that is born from the desire to enhance the know...

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