Like other keyboard instruments, such as pianos and organs, synthesizers are laid out in an arrangement of black and white keys. They do, however, often sport many more controls and buttons than any other sort of instrument. In most cases, this is because the control of the sound generated by a synthesizer – or its voice – is highly configurable. Synthesizer manufacturers can be sourced using the online-portal

A typical synthesizer manufacturer will allow for all sorts of voices to be emulated, such as real piano sounds, drums, strings and even sound effects. Many synthesizer makers also allow these pre-loaded sounds to be adapted by musicians and – in some cases – for multiple sounds to be blended. In some cases, audio effects like reverb can be added, too. Although there is lots of choice of audio, synthesizers can be limited to the number of notes which can be played simultaneously. If two or more keys can be sounded at the same time, then the synthesizer is said to be polyphonic. If only one is permitted, often the case with smaller models, then they are monophonic.

Many synthesizers use internal sound modules to produce their voices. Some will allow extension modules to be used as well which offer even more sounds. Generally speaking, these are connected via a MIDI cable. MIDI is the format which also allows synthesizers to be connected to other virtual instruments in software as well as third party equipment, such as drum machines. Another common synthesizer manufacturer feature is weighted keys, much favoured by pianists, because they offer the same sort of resistance and touch sensitivity, when pressed, as an analogue instrument. All sorts of new product developments can be found by synthesizer professionals by visiting

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For over 20 years, the name Waldorf has been a synonym for high quality synthesizers...

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