The term media has two distinct meanings. The first refers to communication services available via a number of channels including newspapers, magazines and books, broadcast-media services, telephone and Internet facilities. The second sense refers to media-storage via disks, tapes, microfiche, CDs and DVDs – items which are fundamental to the electronics industry. The world of media is incredibly vast and one which undergoes continuous development. With companies striving to stay ahead of the latest changes and keep up with the latest technology, wholesale suppliers of their fundamental products are a valuable resource.

To an extent, each format determines the particular function which its manufacturer or provider must deliver. For instance, optical and magnetic storage options are often employed as backup storage for digital systems. On the other hand, CDs and DVDs are not only used for storage of digital data, but - as any media producer or wholesale trader will confirm - are also the major means by which music, films and popular-media of all kinds are distributed.

When it comes to entertainment and IT, there are multiple different forms of media. Not limited to just the electronic, technical forms of media – in the world of entertainment, printed media has an important role to play. Companies concentrating on the production and distribution of newspapers and magazines will have to ensure they have good contact to printing services as well as reliable logistics or delivery services. provides a great resource for locating such service providers on a B2B level.

Working closely with the design industry, the packaging of media products as well as how they’re promoted are important considerations for any company launching a new range. Useful contacts for wholesale packaging materials can also be sourced on

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