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Along with other musical media platforms, such as videos, books and DVDs, music magazines and journals are stocked by a wide variety of retailers. Sometimes specialist music journals are only found in niche markets, in the educational sector for instance, but others are sold by general retailers, such as newsagents. Overall, musical media magazines tend to be focussed on popular music including titles that are designed to appeal to fans of pop, dance, rock and electronic music. Nevertheless, there are many titles which also address an audience more interested in serious, contemporary music, including operatic works and symphonies. These sorts of music journals are often supplied with an audio CD on the front cover, offering a sample of the sorts of pieces which are discussed in the magazine's articles. Most music magazines are published on a regular basis, perhaps with six or twelve editions per year. However, some are just produced for one-off events by publishers – for example, magazines which are made for individual events, such as music festivals or tours. Acquiring a supply of music magazines, for entertainment, education or general interest, a range of traders can be sourced using

The wide range of media journals that focus on music and music production is ever changing. In recent years, more and more technical titles have been produced for home studio enthusiasts, for example. Along with features and news, such magazines will often provide valuable insight into new music technology products in the form of reviews. Other journals are more tutorial in their approach, perhaps offering lessons on how to improve things like harmony theory or rhythmic techniques. Whether music magazines are designed for musicians, connoisseurs or occasional listeners, there are many developments for professionals to keep up to date with.

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