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Although it is a somewhat older technology, sheet music is a form of media just like audio-CDs, videos or DVDs. Containing information about how music can be performed, sheet music is popular for those who want to learn particular songs as well as being widely used in the education sector for school music lessons. With numerous contacts registered on, a sheet music dealer will usually stock educational publications, with easy-to-play melodies for beginners, along with popular music and jazz standards. The wholesale sheet music industry also publishes manuscripts which are used by professional orchestras with all of the various parts of a symphony, for example, being laid out for the musicians to follow in concert. In addition, a sheet music dealer will often have publications which are devoted to a particular band, such as the Rolling Stones or U2. These sheet music anthologies tend to have all of the most popular songs in one place, often laid out with the vocal melody set against guitar chord shapes or stave-written piano parts.

The average sheet music supplier will have products which are arranged for novices so that they are easy to read. This means that keys are transposed so that the more common ones are used for some musical pieces from time to time. Likewise, rhythmically complex phrases are sometimes simplified to make them easier to comprehend from the common musical symbols, such as minims, crochets and quavers, for example. It is not unusual for a sheet music trader to supply publications for a particular instrument, such as a B-flat trumpet, which contains not only well-known melodies, but exercises and practice pieces. All sorts of new sheet music, including those sold with accompanying CDs, can be discovered from suppliers at

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IDNV De-Parcon Software u. Marketing GmbH

The IDNV: Professional solutions for the sheet music sector The IDNV is the official...

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