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Videos and DVDs are devices for storing visual and audible media, though in some cases, the term video will refer only to the VHS standard video. DVD is an acronym for Digital Video/Versatile Disc, which comes from the format’s disc shape. They are a form of optical digital storage, meaning that they contain digital data which is read with a laser. DVDs are the most common format of video storage, in close competition with Blu-Ray. Buyers of wholesale DVD will find a video trader at to suit various needs.

The home entertainment market is huge, with the wide majority of homes having a DVD player. Entertainment video retailers face steady demand from consumers, as watching videos at home is a popular pastime. The everyday use and widespread adoption of the format makes DVDs a useful investment for a video trader.

DVD discs can be used much like a computer storage drive, storing videos as digital files. When sold as a DVD film for entertainment, most users will just watch DVDs intended for direct viewing on a DVD player. Most DVD sales are in this format, with home entertainment shops or any other video provider selling ready-to-watch DVDs in retail packaging. The broad majority of popular movies and television shows are released in DVD format by their respective studios, meaning that this format still enjoys use in the age of digital downloads. This is partly due to the ease of using a DVD player, which requires no internet connection.

Videos and DVDs are inexpensive, popular items that can be stocked alongside similar products, to catch the attention of customers seeking home entertainment. These include books and audio-CDs, especially since many DVD movies have counterpart books and music bearing the same brand.

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