Percussion Instruments

The term percussion instrument is usually understood to mean a musical instrument which is sounded by striking, scraping, or rubbing, either by hand or with a beater. In addition, the percussion family of instruments is commonly subdivided into two further categories: pitched percussion, such as a vibraphone or marimba, and unpitched percussion, such as a rattle or cymbal.

Percussionists have formed a vital section of the orchestra since the nineteenth century, and simple percussion instruments, such as a bodhrán, are essential to folk music groups. Professional percussionists not only exhibit great musical skill when performing, but also a great level of physical endurance, as many of the larger or more complex instruments require a physical dexterity to be mastered. Full drum sets, for example, will have to be supplied with a suitable stool to ensure the musician can perform. Traders can connect with suppliers and wholesale specialists using the website when it comes to sourcing musical instrument manufacturers.

Percussion instruments are ideal for teaching children the basics of rhythm and sound. The pitched percussion instruments also offer young learners the opportunity to develop an ear for pitch, which can later be brought over to more complex instruments. Percussion instrument stock specialists, such as which can be found on, may even supply instruments which are brightly coloured in order to appeal to younger learners.

Not limited to Western music, percussion instruments form the core of many oriental and tribal musical groups. African drums and oriental gongs are often decorative, and their artistic aesthetic appeal makes them popular items amongst non-musicians, too. For international supplies and manufacturers, provides traders a great resource for finding the right contacts in the percussion world.

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