Part of the family of percussion instruments, which includes cymbals, marimbas and drum kits, the chime is a metallic object which is struck to make a distinctive and usually high-pitched sound. Wholesale chimes are available from many percussion stockists as well as general instrument resellers. Although many chimes are singular instruments which create a pinging type of noise, often as a form of notification, wholesale chimes also include melodic instruments which are made up of multiple chimes. Frequently housed in a bell tower or cabinet and played by a musician using a piano-like keyboard, musical chimes are sometimes used in music of the baroque era. When laid out in a large instrument which has in excess of 23 separate sounds, chimes are often referred to as a carillon. Much used in bell towers to mark the passing of the hours, carillons are among the largest musical instruments ever to have been made. Traders of chimes can find suppliers of all of these products and more - such as wind chimes, a common garden ornament - at

Another popular version of chimes which can be found in the wholesale market are tubular bells. Sometimes used by percussionists in orchestral settings, these chimes make sounds which are designed to resemble church bells, but which can fit into most performance stages and be played alongside other musicians. They are struck with a hammer and have a sustain pedal for extended ringing. Often used in jazz and rock music by kit drummers, mark trees or bar chimes, are suspended small chimes which are arranged according to their length to create a swishing sound when they are played together.

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