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Like other percussion instruments, such as gongs and marimbas, drum kits are technical musical instruments which tend to be made by specialists. The term, drum kit, is most often used to refer to the collection of drums and similar percussion instruments which are played by one single musician. Indeed, for a producer drum kit manufacturing must be highly developed in order to satisfy the requirements of the modern marketplace. Wholesale drum kits are supplied for all sorts of musical genres, each of which requires a distinct sound.

Drum kit design must reflect the audible qualities wanted by particular musicians. Where a rock kit might focus on a depth of sound with larger drum heads and heavy skins, jazz kits tend to be smaller with an accent on the mid-range frequency response. Choosing the right kit, or combination of drums, has long been essential to the success of certain record producers. For a record producer drum kit choice can often be cited as the primary basis for the strength, or otherwise, of a recording's live sound. Other than the sound of a particular set of drums, the next most important consideration is the look of the drum shells themselves with eye-catching designs tending to be favoured by the most outgoing drummers. Traders can discover the latest producer drum kit products at productpilot.com.

As well as fully-sized kits designed for professional drummers and recording studios, wholesale drum kits are also supplied for the educational market. Often made at a reduced in size, children's drum kits are not toys, but real musical instruments made to accommodate younger people. A typical drum kit manufacturer will make entry-level sets as well as professional ones, often as a means of marketing their brand with younger drummers. Typical drum kit manufacturer will inclide kick drums, snares and tom toms - sometimes also called rack drums - in their sets. As well as the drums themselves, cymbals are usually incorporated into the kit's package for children's sets.

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