Although a drum dealer will often sell whole kits for musicians to play, drums are also manufactured singly and sold as standalone musical instruments. The wholesale drum market caters for kit drummers, who also need stands, cymbals and other drumming equipment, such as tambourines and drum sticks, but it also supplies one-off drums like the djembe, which is a rope-tuned goblet-shaped drum and features predominantly in West African music. Although a drum dealer will supply branded versions of such drums, unbranded ones are often available as well, sometimes hand-carved. For a producer, drums with individually made parts, such as those found on many hand-made djembe, are what give the instrument its distinctive and individual tonal quality. Of course, a drum manufacturer who specialises in large-scale production will be much more focussed in uniformity of sound across their range, but many hand drums offer more individuality of expression than standard drums, such as snares and toms. Drum manufacturers can be sourced using the database of information at productpilot.com.

Along with African drums, like djembe and bougarabous, a well-stocked drum dealer will offer drums for Asia. The wholesale drum market is now much more focussed on world drums than it used to be a few decades ago and percussion instruments like the dong son drum, a Vietnamese drum, and the tabla, from northern India, are now easily available. Although a Western drum manufacturer may make versions of such drums, it is more likely for wholesalers to import them directly from their country of origin. For a drums supplier, keeping branded and technically advanced instruments in stock, as well as providing the best drums from the rest of the world, is now of key importance in an evolving marketplace. At productpilot.com, keeping on top of all the drumming product trends is made easier for buyers and drum traders.

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Huaxin is a musical instrument manufactory, located in Shanghai China. Huaxin is one...

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