Gongs are similar in appearance to cymbals, yet they are often used on their own and may not necessarily be used for their musical qualities. Like other percussion instruments, wholesale gongs are often stocked by suppliers who also have other metallic instruments, such as chimes, tambourines and cymbals, for example. In many cases, musical gongs are put to use as an ornament, or as a tool to announce arrivals or that dinner has been served. In some cases, the gongs wholesale market will specialise in healing gongs which are played for long periods in order to create meditative states. All manner of gongs suppliers, including tam-tams, tiger gongs, wind gongs and pasi gongs are waiting to be discovered at productpilot.com.

The main part of the wholesale gongs sector still revolves around musical gongs which are primarily designed for performing music. Large gongs of this type tend to be used in certain musical scores for a dramatic effect in an orchestral setting. However, series of smaller gongs are sometimes played by percussionists who are providing harmony parts and – in some cases – carrying the melody. Although most Western style gongs are manufactured from bronze or brass and are largely flat, circular instruments, many Eastern gongs have differing designs. For example, an agung, which originates from the Philippines, has a bowl shape and is generally carried about by the player.

Among the many types of gongs which are available on the market, the nipple gong is one of the most popular today. They afford less shimmering noise than traditional gongs, but can provide a wider range of tones, depending on where on the surface they are struck, largely thanks to the central protuberance from which they derive their name.

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