The tambourine is a small, handheld drum, consisting of one or two parchment or skin heads nailed or glued to a shallow frame. Traditionally, European tambourines typically have one head and a round, wooden frame, but modern wholesale tambourine suppliers stock a variety of shapes and materials with one or two heads, or no heads at all. A half-moon design in plastic is a popular contemporary alternative to the traditional design, though sourcing suppliers of percussion instruments and their alternatives can be done with productpilot.com.

The tambourine is an ancient instrument, but its basic structure has remained largely unchanged since antiquity. The instrument is embellished with small metal disks or pellet bells - collectively known as jingles or zils - set into the frame in pairs. Although it is not possible to ‘tune’ a tambourine in the strictest sense of the word, the material from which the frame is constructed, the degree of stretching of the head(s) and the size of the jingles all affect the timbre of a wholesale tambourine.

Tambourines are usually played by hand. Striking the head of the tambourine or shaking it sets the jingles in motion, while briskly stroking the head produces a wash effect. Many tambourine wholesale suppliers stock tambourines with drumheads made of impact-resistant plastic, specifically so that they can be mounted on a stand and struck with a drumstick. Wholesale tambourine suppliers can typically offer a wide selection of high quality products at trade prices.

The tambourine provides a clear, bright sound that is typically used to anchor rhythm, or provide accents, in a variety of different music genres, including classical, gospel and rock. Productpilot.com provides a showcase for tambourines, other percussion instruments and musical instruments manufacturers in general.

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