The basic xylophone is a percussion instrument consisting of a row of parallel slats that are struck with a mallet. Resonating chambers to amplify or modify the sound may be attached below the slats. The exact origins of the xylophone are not known, but this percussion instrument is generally regarded to have developed in Southeast Asian and/or Africa, either as independent inventions or through migration. Suppliers of xylophones can be found using productpilot.com. Based on the similarities between gamelan and East African xylophone orchestras, some evidence exists for a Malaysian-Polynesian migration introducing the instrument to Africa around 500 AD. Traders and retailers should be aware of the differences in the instruments which often fall under the broad term of ‘xylophone’. The term xylophone can include marimbas, balafons, lithophones, and even glockenspiels. In a western orchestra, xylophone refers to a chromatically tuned instrument that has a higher pitch than the marimba. Marimbas include the African balafon, which were originally made of wooden bar with a gourd as a resonating chamber. The tone of the instrument comes from the shape of the bar, with the gourd being finely tuned to the bar by adjusting the distance between the bar and the gourd and the size of the mouth of the gourd. A Ugandan variation known as an akadinda consists of twelve wooden logs that are tuned to a pentatonic scale. The akadinda is played by several musicians playing the same log in a rapid interlocking fashion. Xylophones are used in primary schools as part of early music development programmes and range in size from one and a half to two and a half octaves. Xylophone manufacturers and suppliers cater to a global market of orchestras and school boards and are well-served by the productpilot.com communication network.

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The beginning of STUDIO 49 actually goes back much further than one is led to suspect...

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