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A broad selection of music is are always required to support a range of amateur and professional performers and musical activities. The comprehensive Music, Instruments & Media category listings on give an indication of the type of assistance musicians regularly require. For instance, touring artists will require a full array of lights, staging, video and audio support – perhaps with a professional road crew in attendance – whilst all kinds of musicians will need instrument repair services from time to time. In addition, expensive and hard-to-replace musical equipment will also need insurance, and budding musicians, studio engineers, and others planning a musical career will need the support of dedicated teachers, schools and colleges if they are to become successful. For those mature composers who have already achieved success, publishing houses are an essential means of marketing their artistic output to the right audiences, whilst music-management services offer similar support and representation for touring artists. helps all involved find the appropriate contacts.

Buyers can find the appropriate sellers through’s well-organised and extensive listings. It is important for businesses to keep their operations up to speed, especially in an industry where products such as books can go out of date relatively fast, not only in regards to what is considered correct or not, but also when it comes to trends in the music and media industry. In addition, with the rapid pace of these industries, publications constantly need to be updated with the latest happenings, such as a band releasing a new album or a new range of guitars hitting the market. Not only does information go out of date quickly, the demand of the consumer to be informed of the latest changes also plays a significant role.

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SIK 2313

The famous, scandal-arousing expressionistic work, besides Berg’s „Wozzeck“ and Zimmermann...


Akkordeonkinderverlag Marianne Baldauf

Music in the play & ABC-Melodica - very easy, creatively and motivating


Alfred Music Publishing Co. (UK) Ltd.

Alfred Music’s history began in New York City’s Tin Pan Alley in 1922, when Sam...


Alfred Music Publishing GmbH

Alfred Music is a family-owned and operated music publishing company. Founded in New...


AMA-Verlag GmbH

Music is communication, conveying musical expertise is communication between teachers...


AMS Neve Ltd.

AMS Neve’s combination of pioneering technology coupled with the world’s favourite...


Anka Verlag Marius Szanto

Anka Verlag was founded 25 years ago in Germany by Anna-Kaarina and Marius Szanto...

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