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Music organizations and institutions are professional bodies which provide support services for musicians, and for individuals who are either working in, or in collaboration with, the music industry. Collective representation of professionals within any industry or field of expertise is one of the most efficient ways of sharing knowledge, maintaining high standards, and ensuring that the rights of those working within the industry are protected. A musical institution will work to meet one or more of these primary objectives, and can be sourced at

Individual music organizations will typically provide a specific service or type of support for their members and partners. Some will be official bodies, which represent commercial musical and media companies; others will seek to promote the expertise of their membership to the commercial sector; still more will offer guidance and opportunities for individuals who have chosen a career in music. In this final example, institutions may act as professional agents, providing artists with employment and commissions. The other concerns of these musical organizations may include helping to protect the performing rights of artists, and to preserve and enforce the intellectual property entitlements of their membership.

In the creative industries, musical institutions can play a vital role in providing information and forming associations between the performer and the consumer. The consumer of musical media may be a professional organization, or it may be the public at large, and the product itself may be a live performance, or an article of intellectual property, such as a recording or a composition. Musical organizations available on seek to serve the joint interests of musician and consumer: nurturing talent, and bringing performers to their audience: whether in the world of business, or entertainment.

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Akkordeonkinderverlag Marianne Baldauf

Music in the play & ABC-Melodica - very easy, creatively and motivating


Alfred Music Publishing GmbH

Alfred Music is a family-owned and operated music publishing company. Founded in New...


Bärenreiter-Verlag Karl Vötterle GmbH & Co. KG

Bärenreiter is one of the leading publishers of classical music. Since its foundation...



Gerard Billaudot Editeur S.A.

Developing works on music teaching and publishing instrumental & orchestral works...


Bolamar Ediciones Musicales, S.A.

Spanish Musical Publishing wich publish all the work of the maestro Antón García...


Carus-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

Carus - Excellence in Choral Music Carus is one of the leading publishers of vocal...


Edizioni Curci S.r.l.

EDIZIONI CURCI, based in Milan, Italy, is the most important Italian Music Publisher...

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